Monday, February 16, 2015

S.T.E.M. Resources for Educators


Just wanted to share some resources with all of you from our most recent S.T.E.M. Leadership Team professional development day at W.P.I.  Pattie Romer, Bill Andrews, Rich Eiermann, Travis Perrett, John Campbell, Paul Goodhind, Ben Milliner, Paul Mara and I have been attending these sessions over the past year in conjunction with our work on the S.T.E.M. Committee and S.T.E.M. Advisory Board.  While the focus is obviously, S.T.E.M. related, there are many valuable opportunities and resources that are shared that you may want to consider using in your classrooms.

All the information and resources that were discussed  can be found on the program’s website, including access to some wonderful videos through PBS/WGBH.  Go to:

In addition, there is an upcoming opportunity that we just leanred about that will be held at W.P.I. on Friday, February 20th: A free workshop that focuses on practices that increase diversity in STEM. More information here:

Thanks, and enjoy the week!
Carol Costello

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