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 January 24, 2015


A number of parents have been asking about the testing windows for PARCC and MCAS  this coming spring.  PARCC includes two testing sessions, on that is called the Performance Based Assessments (PBA) and the other session is the End of Year assessments.  Both of these testing sessions include mathematics and ELA. 

Below is the testing window for each of our three schools: Tahanto (TAH), Berlin Memorial School (BMS), and Boylston Elementary School (BES).  These testing sessions are also listed on the district website under 'Curriculum'.

PARCC testing at each school is designed to span over a two-week period of time with the first week designated for the online testing component and the second week for make-ups as necessary.

Performance Based Assessment (PBA):

Testing Window:  March 16-April 10

TAH: Weeks of March 16th -March 27th  (includes ELA MCAS for Grade 10 on March 25, 26)

BES: Weeks of March 23d – April 2nd

BMS: Weeks of March 30th – April 10th

End-of-Year (EOY):

BMS: Weeks of May 3rd – May 15th

BES: Weeks of May 11th – May 22nd

TAH: Weeks of May 18th – May 29th

MCAS Science/Engineering Grade 5

BES: May 5th and May 6th

BMS: May 19th and May 20th

If you have any questions about PARCC, MCAS, or the testing windows, please do not hestitate to contact me at:

Thank you,
Carol Costello
Director of Curriculum & Grants
Berlin-Boylston Public Schools

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